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7 Days to Die - GC Private Server

Welcome to the official group for the GC Private 7 Days to Die server!

:Current Rules*:

1. Don't be a dick.

2. This is a purely PVE server. Base raiding and stealing are only allowed once a land claim has expired (Check

3. PVP is forbidden, even in self defense.

4. Claiming prefab stores (including Power Stations) is forbidden.

Rule numbers 2-4 will incur a warning. After 2 warnings have been received, the user is liable to be banned.

All rules are enforced at the discretion of our staff.

*All rules are liable to change at any time.

The GC 7DTD server also has voting, which you can find here

Server Administration Contact: Neonbeta (neonbeta [at] gamingconviction dot com)

  • Created: Dec 23 '15
  • Admin: ZoomerX



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